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Jaq's Wacky Dreams: Skiing Down Chocolate Mountains

Jaq's Wacky Dreams: Skiing Down Chocolate Mountains

In Skiing Down Chocolate Mountains, Jaq had no idea how her teacher’s lesson about the Colorado mountains would make their way into her dreams, but that was only the beginning. Seeing her best friend, Maggie, hang upside down on the playground’s jungle gym and going for an ice cream cone spluge after school will play a part in her dreams too. By the time Jaq goes to bed that night, she is ready to close her eyes and snuggle in for a magical adventure – where suddenly she and Maggie are skiing down a mountain made of chocolate ice cream!










Jaq's Wacky Dreams: Singing Peanut Butter Songs In A Treehouse

In this hilarious second book of the series, Jaq and her friends have fun during lunchtime at school, talking about their sandwiches and silly stuff. After school they play in Jaq’s treehouse and make up funny songs, trying to sing like birds. But later that night, in Jaq’s dreams, somehow the treehouse becomes even more exciting as Jaq and her friends suddenly have wings. The next morning, Jaq can’t wait to tell her mom all about the crazy dream where she’s flying and trying to sing while munching on peanut butter sandwiches.