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I have a Quarantine Quandary… Will I be able to keep this blog consistent once the quarantine is over?

Here’s another Quarantine Quandary… Will the quarantine ever be over?

Here’s the final Quarantine Quandary… What will I do with all of the toilet paper I have stashed if the quarantine ends?

Deep questions only Yoda truly knows the answers to. Or maybe Trump.

Recently I’ve been trying to actually grow up and get to know who I am and what I want to do. Well, what I want to do in this second “chapter” (get it?) of my life. Obviously, I want to be a humor writer. Specifically, I want to get all of the books I’ve already written out of my laptop and into the world.

The first step is to get my website done. Check.

Second step is to make sure this website not only promotes all of my books, but it has to be entertaining as well so you guys keep coming back for MORE.  Hence the fun quotes from my different books, some silly pictures of dogs (who DOESN’T love those) and, my Banana Blog.

Ohhhh, some of you might know I’ve attempted a blog before. Thank you for remembering. How will this Banana Blog be any different?

I’m thinking it all circles back to the quarantine. Although, deep down, we certainly have always known this sorta scary truth – that life is UNPREDICTABLE and very, very SHORT. But because of the tragic swiftness and the impact of the quarantine, this truth is like have a lemon meringue pie hitting you in the face. You simply can’t ignore it or downplay it right now.

I’ve taken this harsh reminder of life and I’m trying to morph it into a gift to myself. It’s time to accept that I will never be as deep as Angelina Jolie and be part of the United Nations, speaking on behalf of the needy people in 3rd world countries. I will never be as stunning as Margot Robbie or Penelope Cruz. But, I do have the ability to give people smiles and sometimes, a nice snort-laugh.

Honestly, I’m happy with that now. It’s a gift and I want to share it. AND, I hope you can stick with me and follow the Banana Blog so I can pass along a few of those grins.

I feel sorta amazing now that I’ve admitted all of this to myself and to you guys. Maybe I AM just as important as Angelina Jolie. After all, smiles and laughter are really needed right now. Probably more than even seeing Margot Robbie onscreen.

(Both my husband and my daughter read this and vigorously disagreed with me. Margot Robbie beats out a snort-laugh.)


Oh well. I will be happy if I can give a grin here and there. And, yes, I’ll keep you updated on any new Margot Robbie films.

Thanks for your time!  Sign up so you know when I blast out another Banana Blog OR Vandelaar Vlog.

Take care,


…like banana)

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